Why do I get wet just thinking about him?

This sensual sensation has nothing to do with mysticism, magic, supernatural forces, celestial or heavenly intervention. It’s all about the brain, that nasty, throbbing organ!

Why do I get wet just thinking about him?

“This cute blonde teenage girl looks needy”

The human race is highly progressed as a species, yet scratch the surface and you’ll find the animal! Mother Nature has pre-programmed every one of us to participate in her Great Evolutionary Experiment…

That is, to have an affair with someone of the opposite gender in order to have a child of the following generation, passing on a mix of both your genetic material in order for evolution to continue. There may be times when this overpowering urge can only be satisfied by the sexual delight of having your vaginal canal filled and receiving the dopamine “hit” of intense pleasure that rewards you and encourages you to repeat the experience over and over. Your body has a sexual reaction to him (and vice versa I hope).

If you’re already intimate with him, thinking about him triggers memories and feelings of past sexual pleasure, prompting your body to need more. If you haven’t been close to him yet, the physical attraction you have for him makes you eager for future sexual satisfaction.

Humans are, after all, animals! Our bodies appear to be built for sexual gratification.
As a result, even the sensation of being aroused is pleasurable. I can only hope he has the same level of desire when he thinks of you. If that’s the case, and you’re both loving and generous people, you’re in for a real treat, and you should take advantage of it. What do you think about him in general?

I’m guessing you’ve had an encounter with him or perhaps just a fantasy about him that made you feel turned on.

If you two are sexually active, I believe it is possible that thinking about an event you two had together would bring you on. Your partner has something you enjoy, and he gave you exactly what you wanted with his touch and caress, which is why you missed him and his performance so much.

When you think about him, you’re likely to recall his image, actions, and motions in that mystically lovely moment.
That is why you get turned on when you think about him; it is a common indicator of a woman and a guy in an intimate relationship. You also miss his pheromone, or body odor, which provides you with more sexual pleasure and happiness.

It’s understandable that you’ll find it difficult to control your emotions during the first few meetings, but after a while, you’ll get used to it and everything will return to normal.

But if this goes on, you’re a pervert who just cares about her flesh.

Then I believe you should understand the distinction between love and lust.

Thus, It’s nice to have your body ready for sex when you decide you want to have it, but don’t feel obligated to have sex…

For some, it’s about the aesthetics and/or feelings — the way clothes cling to the skin when it’s dirty or wet may be rather seductive.

This can be caused by a variety of factors… Tiredness, stress, a poor diet, and being out of shape can all make people feel less sexual.


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